Our responsibility is to create a place where opening up homes for work improves the world socially, environmentally and economically.

The Idea

In 1997, Roddy Campbell lived next door to a man with a piano. Every morning, this man would leave the house, and a music teacher would arrive. Roddy was impressed by his neighbour, who was making money while he was out at work; and by the music teacher, who was able to grow his business in a different location.

Although Roddy soon moved house, the idea never left him. It made total sense. Plenty of professionals seek space that is creative, private and functional. Meanwhile, plenty of householders have spaces like this that are often unused, particularly during working hours.

The Business

17 years and a skiing accident later, Roddy was being treated by a physiotherapist for a broken femur in his sitting room. Shocked at the amount the physiotherapist was paying for a treatment room, Roddy offered to rent him his sitting room to work in. Needless to say, the therapist jumped at the chance. Vrumi began in that sitting room.

Vrumi enables householders and professionals alike to make the most of the great space in homes. Whether it’s a sitting room for physiotherapy, a kitchen table for a team brainstorm or an entire townhouse for company off-sites, there are hundreds of different places to work for any budget, capacity or time.

The People

Roddy, a pioneer in hedge fund management and experienced entrepreneur in starting and growing businesses, knew he’d need some creative and tech help. He was joined by his old university friend, William Sieghart CBE, a publishing guru, philanthropist and founder of the Forward Prize for Poetry. Together they enlisted the expertise of Sophie Neary, a dotcom entrepreneur to help with with the technology side of the business.

Today, the team has grown, but it’s core values in enterprise, creativity and innovation remain the same. Based in London, Vrumi has helped thousands of people share space by opening up homes across the UK and building the platform to help find your perfect place to work.