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People all over the UK are earning money on Vrumi by renting out their space during the day.

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Vrumi allows householders in the UK to make extra money from renting out their unused space to busy professionals during the day.

There are thousands of global businesses, consultants, writers, life coaches, therapists, small businesses owners and other professionals all looking for a flexible space in homes just like yours, for meeting, thinking, creating, writing and more.

Whether you’ve got a studio flat, a huge house, an empty garage or just a sitting room that nobody uses during the day - you could list your space and start earning safely and securely thanks to our ID verification system.

It’s really simple. Just register and add your space today - for free.

5 fantastic reasons to host

Free Listings

You will only ever pay commission on bookings that you accept.

Trust and Safety

We take security very seriously, so we ID check every single guest.

Your Rules

You set the dates, prices, availability - and decide who might be a good fit for your space.

Secure Payment

We secure payment from the guest and pay directly into your bank account two working days after your guests arrive.

8 Steps to Listing Your Space With Vrumi

1. Introduce yourself

The more you share about who you are and what you do, the more comfortable a guest will be using your space.

2. Location, location, location

We can't all have the greatest location but we can at least make sure people know how to find you and how close you are to public transport

3. Add photos

Remove any clutter, plump the cushions and take photos from the corner of your space with lots of natural light.

4. Suggest ways to use the space

Do you see it making a good possible meeting room? Study? Therapy room or Yoga Studio?

5. Local recommendations

Any convenient places nearby? List them on your room page - coffee shops, supermarkets, stationery shops, snack spots?

6. Add a profile photo

It’s helpful to be able to put a face to a name.

7. Flexible hours

Are you open to negotiating on the hours available and costs? Let guests know this in the description.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vrumi?

Vrumi lets you rent out the space in your house as an alternative workspace for creatives, students and businesses large and small during the daytime.

Why would someone use my home as workspace?

Because environment matters. It’s been proven that 4 days in a good workspace is equivalent to 5 days in a poor workspace. Businesses large and small are seeking spaces for meetings, company offsites and all sorts of work related activities in a place just like yours.

What kind of space can I add?

Any! If you’re not using every space in your house, or you’re out at work all day - you could list any or all of these spaces on Vrumi and rent them out to the growing community of flexible workers that will happily pay you per day.

Can a guest stay in my space overnight?

Vrumi is a daytime rental service only and is not intended for overnight accommodation.

What kinds of guests can I expect?

There’s quite a range including consultants, writers, web developers, teachers, physical therapists, journalists, yoga instructors, life coaches, small businesses owners and large companies looking for off-site space, and the list is growing everyday.

What will the guests be using my space for?

Working, meeting or creating. Before a guest can book, they are encouraged to send some details of what they would like to use your space for - but you can ask as much or as little as you want to so that you’re comfortable before accepting a booking.

Does becoming a Vrumi host take a long time? What’s the process?

It’s quick and easy. All you have to do is list your space with some basic details, our team will check it out and set it live. You could start receiving enquiries from guests interested in booking your space straight away.

How do I upload my photos?

When you first create your listing you will be prompted to upload some photos. We recommend that you take at least 6 to 8 landscape photos that show off the entirety of your space. To make your listing look welcoming, clean and spacious, open up all of your curtains to let in natural light and take your photos from the corner of each space.

Can I stay in my flat or house during the guest’s stay?

Yes, of course, so long as you are providing them with the level of privacy they need for their work and your guest is aware that you will be there.

How do guests enter and leave the property on the booking date?

This depends a lot on how you arrange it with your guest in advance.

You could let them in and out if you’re at the property, or you could coordinate a key handover if that’s not possible.

A third option we suggest would be installing a small key safe outside the property (as we’ve done at Vrumi HQ) which has the advantage of only needing one extra key, and the combination can be changed for added security. All you need to do is send your guest the instructions to access your property and then leave the key exactly where they found it.

What if my space is only available at certain times of the day or or week?

That’s fine - you control the times and dates that you make your property available, and you can easily customize these settings on your Vrumi page so that you only make the space open and available to guests according to your schedule and preferences.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty big fans of flexibility at Vrumi.

Is Vrumi secure? Have all the guests been vetted for safety reasons?

Every single guest has been checked and verified.

Our website uses smart ID verification software and we employ bank-grade security for payment processing. All access to the website is also securely encrypted.

We’re committed to building Vrumi into a friendly community, but also take security, safety and privacy very seriously - so we’re regularly reviewing our security process and looking for new ways to enhance it.

Ultimately the decision to accept a guest is up to you - and by providing a system of reviews and feedback as a guide, we hope you’ll be able to make that decision with confidence.

How do I set the price of my space?

Pricing your space appropriately will be an important part of becoming a successful host.

We encourage you to consider the value of your space (based on square footage, amenities, location, etc.) and the type of guests you wish to host.

We currently suggest the same base price for everyone, and you’re then able to increase and decrease the price yourself.

Simply contact us if you need some more help on setting the cost, we would be happy to advise you further.

Do guests expect any minimum requirements from the space?

Only what you’ve already agreed to during the registration when you added the space, for example, Wi-Fi access, tea/coffee, access to a toilet.

Will my existing home insurance cover me?

Some home insurance covers Vrumi activities. Every policy is different, and you should check with your insurer.

How can I be a great host?

Thanks for asking the question - you’re already halfway there.

We think being a great host requires good communication, transparency, and friendliness.

The first step is to craft a fun and honest description of yourself and upload some brightly lit photos of the space so that guests have an accurate idea about the space and you too.

Be sure to also respond to booking requests, questions, and concerns as quickly and honestly as possible - and you’ll find that after a while the experience can be pretty fun and rewarding.

If you’d still like to know more - check out our 8 tips to being a great host.

More Questions?

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