We Spent a Week in an Actual Office

Can seven home workspace converts survive a week in a real office? Spoiler alert: No.

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Three Reasons to Love the Sharing Economy

We put the UK's sharing economy to the test!

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The Little Boat That Rocks

What do you get when you cross a DJ with a canal boat? Find out when we explore host, Sophie Callis’ space.

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What’s the story, Oggsie?

Olly Lang, otherwise known as Oggsie, is a mobile photographer with a main focus on Instagram and social media. When he’s not taking his own photos, he’s leading mobile photography walks and workshops around London. He has been using Vru...

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Do This One Thing to Improve Productivity

How do you increase your output, with as little input as possible? We’ve looked at the latest research and it all points towards one thing...


Things in Door-ways and Other Short Stories

Distorting/Collapsing/Framing Domestic Spaces - an installation by Terry Perk.

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First Stop, Liverpool!

Find out what we got up to on the first stop of our tour of the country in lovely Liverpool.

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