So, you want to be a digital nomad?

By Clare Maguire

Ever dreamed of spending endless days travelling the world whilst earning money at the same time? Well, that’s the reality for the growing number of people who have ‘location independence’; referred to as ‘digital nomads’ or even as ‘mobo’s’ - that’s mobile bohemians for those still stuck staring out of the dreary office window.

With advances in tech and cloud technology, a growing number of us can now work remotely with ease (including the team here at Vrumi). Many are taking the leap and swapping asset-aspiring dreams and high rents for affordable and minimalist lifestyles in far flung locations.

(Photo credit: Hubud)

Over the past few years coworking hubs to serve these digital nomads have sprung up all over the world. By far the most talked about is Hubud, a bohemian bamboo coworking hub with super fast broadband, set in the luscious jungle town of Ubud, Bali. Open 24 hours a day to fit in with global time zones, they have over 200 regular digital nomads who run businesses all over the world.

(Photo credit: Coboat)

Would you rather get off land altogether? Don’t worry, the team at Coboat have got you covered. Sailing the seven seas aboard an 82ft catamaran, their route takes off from Southeast Asia and sails around the world; expect to anchor up in the Maldives, the Med and the Caribbean. You can currently apply for a 100 day scholarship aboard the eco-friendly boat, submit your grand ideas here.

(Photo credit: Tahoe Mill Collective)

Don’t fancy endless mosquito bites and sweating all over your keyboard? Why not head for the hills and spend a stint working and skiing in the high altitude hub that is Tahoe Mill Collective one of a chain of eight coworking hubs that have sprung up in mountain towns across America.

Still staring out the window? You don’t have to jet off to distant lands to get away from endless soulless workplaces. In fact you don’t even have to leave your job, family, friends or London to find one of Vrumi’s unique, fabulous and affordable rooms. We’ll even let you in on a badly-kept secret, we’ve got our very own mountain inspired lodge a mere tube ride away in south east London.

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Posted by
Clare Maguire
On September 23, 2015
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