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By Evie Prichard

London Loves LA talk to us about Take a Leap, fashion, business and inspiration.


Sisters Sophie and Ella’s childhood memories are an LA fueled obsession with Chateau Marmont, high school, feathers, old Hollywood, bikers, scrapbooks and grunge. Their brand of slouchy LA nostalgia has been a hit in the UK, and they now have lines of new and vintage fashion. In January they held a photoshoot and pop-up sale in one of Vrumi’s spaces, as part of our Take a Leap campaign. We caught up with the girls for a chat about fashion, business and inspiration, and this is what they had to say.

What’s the biggest leap you’ve ever taken as individuals and as a brand?

Setting up London Loves LA and committing to it has definitely been the biggest leap ever! Owning a business together had always been a plan of ours but I don't think that either of us thought that it would happen so early.  We realised early on that the more you put into something the more you get out of it so knew that at least one of us needed to be focusing on LOLA full time. There is constantly so much for us to learn but we pick it up on the job and thankfully it's working out so far!

Your brand has a very strong identity - did that happen organically?

Yes definitely. It was all the result of our shared childhood memories and influences growing up in both London and LA so it came very naturally to us. Our instagram account in particular is basically the inside of our heads.


How do you find working with family?

It's amazing! We have almost the exact same vision for our brand and we recognise that this is a result of our shared childhood memories and influences. I think it is definitely risky getting into business with a family member or close friend, but we've always got on so well that we knew it wouldn't be a problem for us.  We almost never have creative disagreements, and if we do then we probably figure them out in much less time than regular colleagues- or at least any resentment completely dissolves with us as opposed to lingering around!

How would you describe your brand aesthetic?

Inspired by the Hollywood Hills, teenage runaways, best friends, Heathers, Coachella, stickers, Chateau Marmont, high school, feathers, old Hollywood, bikers, photos, first love, scrapbooks and grunge.  Oversized, cosy tees and worn in slogan sweatshirts paired with grungy vintage denim and super soft band tees.  

What 3 film and TV moments have influenced your style the most?

Jawbreaker, Grey Gardens and The Simple Life.


Have you found that not having the right space has held you back in the past?

We have been crying out for something like Vrumi! We've had longer pop ups in the past which have been great, but as online retailers sometimes you need a space for a shoot, a one day pop-up or a showcase event without being tied into a longer let.  The fact that all of the spaces are so unique also means that you don't have to spend a lot of time dressing the space- you can just choose one that is perfect for your requirements.

It's also amazing that people without offices can work in environments that inspire them, again without committing to anything long term that could affect their cash flow.

What makes this space perfect for your current event?

It’s so gorgeous!  The light warehouse yoga studio in De Beauvoir is perfect for our pop up event.  It's light, simple and has a real northern Californian vibe to it which will really work for the photo shoot we’re planning.

Do you plan on working from more Vrumi spaces in the future?

Of course!!

If you’d like to rent the space that the London Loves LA girls rated so highly, take a look at the listing. Find out more about our Take a Leap Campaign, sign up now and get £10 off your first booking with the code TAKEALEAP.

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Evie Prichard
On February 08, 2016
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