Your Space is More Interesting Than You Think

By Evie Prichard

Here at Vrumi, we’re big believers in finding inspiration through your environment. Your average corporate office is boring: the furniture is boring, the lighting is boring, even the walls are boring. Whereas homes, we think, are inherently interesting. Homes are built around people’s lives and passions, and what could be more fascinating than that?

But what if you’re bored by your own space? If you don’t find it inspiring, it’s unlikely that anyone else will either. Plus, if nothing stands out about your room, it’ll be far less likely to be spotted by potential guests. With quirky style, a little can go a long way. Check out our list for some of the little things you can do that will make a big difference.



Matching is overrated. Sure, in the olden days you were no one if you didn’t have a 3-piece leatherette suite in your lounge to match the all-over avocado walls; but these days taste is as much about looking haphazard as about looking put-together.

This is great news for the amateur home decorator. Grab that weird-looking chair off Freecycle if you fancy it; no need to scour the internet for plates that match your old set, just grab something kitschy from the local charity shop. Add a dash of something surprising, and it will bring out the interest in everything else in the room.

Embrace the Clutter


Ok, sure, there’s clutter and clutter. We’re not suggesting you invite guests around while your underwear are drying on the radiator and there are dirty socks strewn over the floor. But a touch of artfully-arranged clutter can make a space look cared for and lived in, rather than sterile and intimidating.

Again, this is a very cheap way to jazz up your home. You can pick up little bits and bobs from car boot sales, flea markets and charity shops, as well as displaying old mementos you might have stashed away. Arrange things you love over your shelves and mantelpiece, or even hang a cluttered array of pictures over one wall. Don’t worry too much about whether they’re all in the same theme - as above, eclectic is interesting. As long as you like them all, they’ll all have something in common.

Keep it Lighthearted

All the best ideas are born out of people making strange links between odd things. Spark inspiration by keeping your influences jumbled. Hang a replica of an old master next to an old Coke advertisement; put sunglasses on that bust of Churchill. There are no wrong answers, just interesting ones and boring ones.

Taking an irreverent approach to your possessions and to the traditions of design will make your home feel like a friendly and unintimidating place to be. By undercutting the seriousness of your space you make room for inspiration, and fun, to flourish.

Get Creative


Making your space creative and interactive is the most fun way to get quirky. Start small by getting a set of poetry-writing fridge magnets, or jump in at the deep end by painting a wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint. Then you can scrawl slogans, doodles, to-do lists and quotes to your heart’s content. What’s more, it makes for a great feature when you’re trying to attract businesses through Vrumi.

Or you could take a creative approach to decorating the walls themselves. Papering just one wall in something strange and fun, like this fish wallpaper from Wallpaper UK, can be a great way to inject some creativity into an otherwise simple room. Or try a wall mural, which can be ordered online in just the right size to fit your space. Choose carefully though - there are some monstrosities out there...

So there we are: our favourite easy and fun tips for making your space cool, quirky and eye-catching. You’ll be amazed by the difference it can make to live in a thought-provoking environment. Inspire yourself and your guests with your space, and you’ll never look back.

Posted by
Evie Prichard
On February 23, 2016
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