Tarot and the Future of Flexible Working

By Evie Prichard

Find out about the ancient art of tarot and how it's fulfilling the future of flexible working.

Diana Granger-Taylor is an experienced Tarot reader.

Diana Granger-Taylor, Tarot reader and self-described ‘non-Mystic-Meg’, seems like an odd fit for Vrumi. Yet she’s absolutely right when she points out that, “Tarot reading is relatively portable and compact - unlike ancient times, when people would be sacrificing animals and reading their entrails to help their clients get answers to their questions!” Perhaps she belongs here after all.

Luckily, these days there’s no need to risk getting gore on her hosts’ upholstery. Her less-than-mystic approach means that Diana uses her background in therapy and coaching in her readings. “I believe people create their own fates, rather than things being predestined without our being able to alter anything,” she says.  “Tarot readings enable people to gain a new perspective.”

Diana balances her very civilised private readings with media appearances as an expert on the history and practice of Tarot in films, events and documentaries. The most well-known of these is 2012’s Anna Karenina. “Although I didn’t make it into the final cut,” says Diana, “one exciting opportunity I had was working with a genuine Etteilla deck from the 1870s to help create atmosphere for a party scene in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina – I was even dressed and made up to resemble the Russian mystic Madame Blavatsky in her younger days.”

That sounds pretty glamorous to us, but for Diana the excitement was more about the cards than the stars. “It was cool being around these amazing artists, but even cooler getting to handle a deck that hardly anyone uses for modern readings and devise a spread to reflect the characters’ future fates.”

A note from one happy customer.

Believe it or not, Diana has a corporate background and is a trained economist and French translator. She brings her analytical skills to the Tarot, turning it into a hybrid art which rests heavily on the rational as well as the esoteric. “I have always been someone drawn to structuring and arguing cases,” she says, “spotting details and weaving them together, in order to create a coherent whole and reveal the concealed – Tarot reading, like any forecasting or analysis, consists of doing all of these things.”

That’s not all it takes though. “Having a good sense of humour helps, too – anyone working with the Tarot will tell you it has a playful side, although it can also be quite pithy and acerbic, if that’s what someone needs to hear to get grounded!”  If you don’t like the idea of being put in your place by an inanimate object, you might not be the best candidate for one of Diana’s readings.

It was a set of bad circumstances that pushed Diana into professional Tarot: being made redundant at the same moment as her mother-in-law developed brain cancer and the credit crunch hit meant that corporate life was no longer an option. Instead she opted to offer tarot readings three days a week in a friend’s esoteric bookshop, giving her the time and flexibility to care for her mother-in-law. For Diana though, the change was a positive thing. “In Tarot terms, it was a Tower moment: the old structure had collapsed, no question but to build a new one.”

Diana uses Vrumi spaces to practice Tarot.

Being able to help people through her work is something Diana really values. “It is extremely gratifying to help and inspire others through a typical day at work – not always the experience I had at the end of the day shuffling papers around in a solitary desk job, or navigating a way through the minefield of office politics.” The flexibility of self-employment has changed all of that.

So what does she have to say to those who are thinking of following their passions, but don’t know how to start? “What if you are being your own worst enemy?  In the Tarot, we can view The Devil as symbolic of chaining ourselves to that which no longer lifts us, but keeps us enslaved.  You are good enough.  You deserve to be free of your chains.”

Working with Vrumi has helped Diana to expand her business while retaining professional flexibility. “There have been times – even in non-Tarot jobs – when there is demand for meeting room space, but not enough meeting room space to cater to everyone, which leads to either frustration or a curbing of enthusiasm,” she tells me. “Vrumi seems to be saying yes to growth, innovation, independence, and inspiration, and most excitingly to me, interdependence between people in a truly collaborative way.

“What is great about Vrumi is it can provide spaces I might want to use for the purpose of Tarot as entertainment, or for teaching, or for private consultations.  Dates are flexible.  Terms and conditions for hire are clear and straightforward.  You don’t need a psychic to tell you that all of those things can encourage and improve someone’s independence as a freelancer.”

You can find out more about Diana, and even book your own reading, by visiting her website. If you’re thinking of taking a leap of your own, why not sign up to host or book with Vrumi? And if you need some more inspiration, you can read the blog post on our Take a Leap campaign.

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Evie Prichard
On March 16, 2016
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