How to Make the Most of a Small Space

By Evie Prichard

It’s a sad but true fact of living in London - the more expensive property becomes, the smaller our living spaces will have to be. The sharing economy is all very well, but when you barely have enough room for your own life, how are you expected to make the space usable for other people when you’re not around?

With this list of great tips and tricks for making the most out of a small space, we can help you keep your home versatile enough for everything you - and your guests - might need.


Stackable or extendable furniture can make a huge difference to your space. If you don’t have room for a big table day-to-day, try investing in one that will fold open to allow more workspace when needed, or track down a nest of coffee tables.

Box Frame Nesting Tables by West Elm

Stackable plastic chairs are also a great shout - you can stack up to four of these stylish chairs on top of each other, meaning that when you don’t need them they only take up the floor space of a single extra chair. Then when your table extends, or a group of people want to sit in a circle to have a meeting, you can whip them out and no one will be creasing their trousers by sitting on the floor.

Kartell Masters Chair by Nest


If you suffer from clutter, try tracking down furniture that doubles as storage space. A vintage trunk can make a stylish (and cheap) coffee table, for example, or it’s easy to find ottomans that double as storage. Installing wall-to-ceiling shelves might seem like it will close up the space, but all the extra storage room will mean that the rest of the room seems airier and cleaner, while the full shelves will add a characterful and cosy edge.

Storage by IKEA

If you’re lucky enough to live across two floors, consider installing shelving under your stairs. Something like this will help you make the most of your storage space, instead of just having a pile of coats and a hoover under there like most people.

Under Stairs Storage by Domino

Multi-use Rooms

Do you have a spare room that barely gets used? You could double its usefulness - and double the income you can make from your home on Vrumi - by making it into a dual use room. These days there are many more options than just a plain old sofa bed. You can fold spare beds out of armchairs, ottomans, cupboards and even walls. With so many options, you’re sure to find something to suit your space.

Fold-out bed with desk by Kitchen Source

Make your multi-use room flexible by installing a fold-out desk or table. You can go for a simple piece of wood on a hinge and some chains, or get fancy with one of these that masquerades as a picture or a mirror when it’s not needed. Mirrors particularly can be a great way of making a small space seem larger. If you have a high ceiling, a mezzanine can also be a great idea. You can have a full office space on the ground floor, and space for a cosy bed area up above.

Mirror Folding Table by Handimania

Make Your Space Flexible

If all you have to work with is your comfortable living room, it can be hard to imagine it as somewhere that serious business can be done. But with a few little tweaks, even the cosiest of spaces can become perfect for a meeting or a brainstorming session.

One great addition if you can afford it is a projector screen that will make giving presentations easy, but that can roll up at ceiling level so that you’ll only encounter it yourself when it’s movie night. Just working out the tech of hooking up laptops to your TV, and having comprehensive instructions and cables on hand for guests, can be equally useful if a projector seems too much of an investment.

If you’re low on desk space, and you don’t have room for an extendable table, why not get hold of a few lap desks that can be used on the sofa and stored in a cupboard when out of use? These tend to cost less than £20 each, and could hugely boost the capacity of your space. Stocking up on basics such as stationary and plenty of extension cables can also make a huge difference.

So there you have it - now there’s no excuse for anyone to let a room lie fallow when it could be making a fortune for them on Vrumi. Some hosts are earning over £600 a week with Vrumi! Enjoy all the space we’ve saved you, and remember: just because you’re living small, doesn’t mean you have to think small.

Make the most of your space - start hosting with Vrumi.

Posted by
Evie Prichard
On April 20, 2016
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