Working at Vrumi HQ

By Evie Prichard

When we tell you how great the Vrumi life is, we’re not just guessing. Nope, Team Vrumi live and breathe it. Our office is a Vrumi space and we strongly believe in flexible working. Here are some facts you might not know about what goes on behind the scenes here at Vrumi.

One of many healthy and homemade lunches.

Fact Number 1:

Our co-founder, Roddy Campbell, likes to sit at the kitchen island in our Vrumi space. We suspect that this is partly because it means he has the highest chair, and partly so that he can keep tabs on whether the fridge is shut properly. Woe betide anyone who makes the mistake of leaving it ajar. 

Fact Number 2:

Working from a house means that we have a full kitchen, and luckily our Host Manager Clare is also something of a food-blogging Insta-celeb. Most days she directs the effort to whip up team salads for lunch. Recent offerings have included a beetroot, quinoa and orange salad, and one that featured walnuts, pancetta and a lot of avocado. It’s a bit like going round to your mate’s house for lunch, but only if you’re mates with Ottolenghi. You can take a look at Clare’s skills by following @serveupthecity on Instagram.

Fact Number 3:

We believe that flexible working is a way of life. Staff members come in and out, often working from other Vrumi spaces, or at home. Meanwhile, visits from small children brighten up the day every once in a while. COO Ian and CMO Sarah both have toddlers, and they love coming in to do some temping work before nursery school. 

Fact Number 4:

Because our Vrumi space is our founder’s house, we have lots of other Vrumi guests coming in and out to use his sitting room and office. With a colourful view of the beginning of Portobello Road Market and airy high ceilings, the house is very popular. We’ve made friends with all the regular visitors, and it’s lovely to have interesting people coming and going all the time. Sometimes we even let them share our salads and smoothies.

Fact Number 5:

We’re not a huge team, but we’re a dedicated one. We know our regular guests and hosts, and some of them have become friends. When a guest needs something specific, our Head of Sales, Connie, puts her encyclopaedic knowledge of Vrumi’s database to work to find the perfect space for them. All of us are Vrumi hosts ourselves, so we know how the process works inside-out.

Fact Number 6:
We’re more than just one space. We’re many spaces. Like any team, sometimes we need to have meetings, or work independently, or maybe just need a little inspiration. Although our main hub is round the kitchen table on the ground floor, you can often find us working away in the study, or catching up on our weekly brainstorming sessions in the sitting room.

So you see, you can take it from us that when we say flexible working from other people’s homes is better than having a cubicle in an office, we know what we’re talking about. At Vrumi, we believe that everyone should be able to work from somewhere beautiful, homely and inspiring. If it happens to be great value, that’s just a bonus...

If we’ve got you interested in renting a Vrumi space of your own, why not check out homes in your area. Or, if you’d like to rent out your own space, start listing today.

Posted by
Evie Prichard
On June 02, 2016
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