The Little Boat That Rocks

By Chelsea Carter

What do you get when you cross a DJ with a canal boat? Find out when we explore host, Sophie Callis’ space.

Sophie Callis, the proud host of beloved canal boat, Lionheart.

“A complete contradiction of extrovert and introvert.” That’s how Sophie Callis describes herself, but that’s also how we’d describe her little canal boat on Little Venice. A beautiful sanctuary tucked away by the willow trees and swans of the canal’s basin, and just a stones throw from Paddington Station, this boat is decorated with curious trinkets, images of soul, jazz, and funk legends, and a floor lined with dozens of records.

Record-breaking interiors.

“A lot of people would be mortified that I've stuck records down!” says Sophie, a DJ, who started collecting records and got her first turntables at the age of 12. “Those records were all ones that were just busted, and some of them are actually quite embarrassing.” Which ones are the embarrassing ones? “I won’t go into detail” she laughs.

IMG_0826.jpgMiles Davis looks on.

Being the host of the coveted Saturday 6pm-8pm slot on Soho Radio isn’t enough for Sophie. A self-confessed “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, when she’s not gigging over London or touring worldwide festivals, she also teaches yoga, pilates and ballet fusion class, Ballet Barre, as well as dabbling in a little interior design.

An antique inspired clock, aligned with kitsch seahorse.​

“My Mum and Dad were always into antiques, and going to auctions when I was a kid. One particular one they used to take me to all of the time had this coffee cake, and I’d only go for the cake. It’s funny because myself, my brother, my sister, none of us were into it. And now all of us are obsessed. We go to flea markets and auctions and antique fairs whenever we can.”

And it shows. A mix and match of furniture; from the second hand Lotus car seats to the humble IKEA desks, make the boat a creative haven. “I'd just follow my nose or I'd go into really expensive shops and see things that I'd liked and then I would seek similar things on Gumtree and eBay. I've just got a very good eye. I'm very good at finding a bargain.”

IMG_0929.jpgA desk space like no other. With foot wells and adjustable chair - a perfect fit for everyone.

With Wifi, four desk spaces, plus a cinema sofa and outdoor seating, Lionheart is the perfect place for meetings, photoshoots, therapy, and of course music. Sophie explains “Having had my studio on here, the acoustics are amazing - we even used to do a weekly pirate radio show.”

A sanctuary in the heart of London.

It’s clear to see that Sophie’s space aligns with her outlook on life. Being creative to her “is a very individual thing” and helping people to express that is what she wants to use her boat for. “It's just such a unique, sacred space. It's a great place to completely shut yourself off from the harsh realities of the world we're living in currently. It's a great space to create, to write, to just let your mind wander.”

Thanks, Sophie!

You can find out more about Sophie on her website. If you’d like to work on Lionheart, book it here.

Posted by
Chelsea Carter
On August 24, 2016
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