We Spent a Week in an Actual Office

By Chelsea Carter

We put our ethos to the ultimate test last week, and swapped our comfortable home office, for, well, a real office. Here’s what did, or didn’t, happen.

Key Cards

We quite literally stumbled at the first hurdle here. Getting in and out of the building required a system of swiping cards, signing in, pushing buttons, entering codes, secret handshakes and an ‘Open Sesame’ (ok, I may be exaggerating a little here). Needless to say key cards were lost, forgotten, borrowed and stolen in a bid not to be the one person left out in the cold. During the midst of the umpteenth card scramble of the week, we paused to reflect on the beauty of our humble lock and key procedure that we use in our home office.

Ergonomic Chairs

Office design and home design are completely different. And, for the most part we prefer to feel at home. It’s lighter, brighter, more cosy and more personable, as opposed to blank white walls and those weird greying ceiling tiles. However, you can’t beat an office chair for a bit of work comfort. The chairs weren’t just comfortable; they were fun too. The novelty of being able to rock backwards and forwards, adjust up and down, and wheel around the office provided entertainment in our stir-crazy moments. You don’t need to teach us how to have a good time.

The Water Cooler

Ah, the work cultural phenomenon that is the water cooler. We typically work in a kitchen diner, so aren’t averse to the mandatory small talk that comes when hydrating in an office. A peculiar thing happens to us all when waiting to fill up our water cups, the mundane enters our minds, we can’t seem to talk about anything other than the weather, or in the case of this office, the colour of the newly painted door (for the record - matte charcoal).


We’re a relatively small team, and have been working closely together for at least a year. It’s safe to say we know each other very well. Our particular office block that week was shared by some truly innovative companies, and when we weren’t talking about the colour of the door at the water cooler, we were networking. This meant we got to meet some pretty cool people, bounce some new ideas around, and gain some fresh insights - something that everyone needs every once in awhile.


Temperature is a hotly debated issue. Controlling the temperature is an issue. Air conditioning is an issue. All we wanted was to open the window and let the fresh air in. However, our office-away-from-home had sealed the windows shut, meaning we had to endure the scratchy throat and unnecessary chills caused by the air con. If only there was a place we could work that had real, functioning windows…


Although working from a real office inspired this blog, there wasn’t much else that it inspired. Working from a home everyday, we often take for granted the little quirks that populate the room, from the books that line the walls, to the comfortable lounge upstairs when we need break out space. A week surrounded by four plain white walls, unnatural lighting and air conditioning made us appreciate that.

Conclusion? Vrumi wins, every time. Although I’m sure you could guess when you opened this article that we would pick our home workspace over the office. And given the evidence, we’re sure that you would too.

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Posted by
Chelsea Carter
On October 19, 2016
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