From £40/day

Cosy Yurt near Gloucester Rd Bristol

egerton rd BS7


My yurt holds a very special place in my heart.She was made in Mongolia using traditional methods and shipped here where I bought her in 2010.For rhe first few years I used it to spend time in with friends and family and to sleep in in the summer.
Then she began to deteriorate because of our damp climate and I thought her life was over. Then my son asked if he could give her a makeover, add a camp kitchen and put her on airbnb. We worked hard together all through the summer of 2015 and by this spring the whole thing was ready to rent.
My guests so far have loved the space, saying its like an island of countyside, in town.So lve now decided to offer it as a workspace away from the ratrace. It is totally offgrid so no suitable for anyone needing wifi but could suit writers, poets or therapists.


  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tea and Coffee

Opening Hours

  • Mon 8am8pm
  • Tue 8am8pm
  • Wed 8am8pm
  • Thu 8am8pm
  • Fri 8am8pm
  • Sat 8am8pm
  • Sun 8am8pm